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PSA: Passwords and Post-it Notes...

I encourage everyone to get and use some type of password management application.

What is a password management application? Think of it as a giant secure Post-it Note that you can write your passwords on.... you know, just like that Post-it Note that you have stuck to your monitor.... yes..... I am looking at you!!

But! This Post-it note is digital, and secure. Also this Post-it Note can be on all of your digital devices. On your Phone, tablet, laptop, PC... all synced and sharing the same information.

Best of all this is an intelligent Post-it Note (IPIN). when you go to a website, and the website needs needs your password, you can tell the IPIN to enter the password for this web site, and it will! If you go to a new website, and enter a password that the IPIN does not know about, it will ask you if you want the IPIN to remember it for you. 

Now, show by a raise of hands... how many of you are using the same password on ALL of your web page logins? I thought so. From a security point reusing the same password on all websites is a really REALLY bad thing to do. 

Let's say your favorite trout fishing website gets hacked, and the bad guys get a list of all the accounts used on that website including passwords. If you use the same password on the as you do, guess what.... the bad guys can get to some very sensitive information.  We all know that bad guys accessing your personal data that nothing unwanted will happen right?..... RIGHT!! 

Now, if you are using a Password management application, you only need to remember one password, the password to unlock the Post-it Note. You can tell the Post-it Note to use a different password for your banking site, and a different password for your leisure sites. 

In closing... I strongly recommend getting a password management application. I personally am using something called And just today, the guys over at now have a Free option that is worth looking into! (if i wasn't already using 1password i would be checking this out) 

FYI, I am in no way related to either of these two companies!

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